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As you already know, bath towels can be made out of different materials, from cotton, microfibre, to bamboo. Each of these materials has different benefits for your skin, while some can help dry the moisture faster compared to others.

Two of the most popular materials used for towels are bamboo and cotton because of the benefits that they have. Let’s take a closer look between the two to know each of their benefits. This will also help you decide which bath towel is perfect for you and your skin.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are 100% made of bamboo fibers and are blended with polyester or spandex. Some manufacturers combine bamboo and cotton, which makes the bath towel a high-quality bathroom accessory.

This type of towel is soft and is known for its anti-bacterial qualities. Bamboos are known for this quality, which makes them more popular in recent years.

Most bamboo towels have the natural color that bamboo fibers have because dyeing them can ruin the fabric itself.

Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are the most popular when it comes to bath towels as they’ve been around for centuries. It’s been used to dry our faces, bodies, and even just our hands. Cotton is the standard fabric used when it comes to bathroom accessories, especially in western countries.

Cotton towels are available in different colors because they are easy to dye. You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to dyeing because it will not lose its quality at all.

Benefits Of Bamboo Towels

High Absorbency

Bamboo fibers are known to absorb moisture out of almost anything. A lot of people love their water soaking power, as this makes the bamboo bath towels more appealing than others.


Bamboo bath towels are very soft because they are purely made out of bamboo. This is a great choice in most households because it is very comfortable on the skin. People who have sensitive skin can benefit from using bamboo bath towels.

Beneficial For The Environment

Another benefit of using bamboo towels is that they are eco-friendly. Bamboo plants can immediately grow without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. This means that it can naturally grow rapidly, without harming the environment.

Benefits Of Cotton Towels

Easy To Maintain

Cotton bath towels are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is to put it in the washing machine with a gentle washing detergent and it’s good to go.

Breathable Fabric

Another good thing about cotton bath towels is that it is very breathable. It allows the air to pass through, thus making it dry quicker than expected.


Cotton bath towels are very affordable because it is considered as the cheapest materials today. But manufacturers make sure to provide high-quality cotton bath towels to their buyers, which is why its popularity is continuous even if there are other materials available in the market today.

Comes In Different Colors

They also come in different colors because they are easy to dye, as mentioned above. What’s good about cotton is that the colors will nog alter the composition chemically.

Choosing The Right Bath Towel

Material Of The Towel

You can choose between bamboo and cotton towels, and you can of course choose two. Bath towels are good for absorbing moisture from the skin, so you don’t have to wait longer for your skin to dry off right after showering. They are also gentle to the skin, which is perfect for people who have sensitive skin.

Weight Of The Towel

There are towels with different weight, and the heavier it is, the more absorbent the towel can be. Of course, the thickness on the other hand is your personal preference. Usually, high-quality towels are absorbent and thicker. You can opt for thinner ones since they can dry faster and are easier to handle, especially if you have arthritis.

Cost Of The Towel

Both bamboo and cotton bath towels can be affordable, while they can also be expensive depending on the manufacturer. The price of the towel will depend on you since you have the option to choose the towel that best fits your budget.

There are affordable cotton towels, while there are also expensive ones. The same goes for bamboo bath towels, though most of the time, they can be expensive.


Between the bamboo bath towels and cotton bath towels, both of them can work the way they’re supposed to work, which is to absorb moisture in your body right after taking a bath. They have their qualities, but if you’re looking as to which one is more sustainable, there’s no doubt that bamboo bath towels are more sustainable because of how rapidly bamboo plants can grow.

Both bamboo and cotton bath towels are available here at North Sea Merchant. They are of high quality but we always maintain a minimum profit margin and free shipping to all products.


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