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Online shopping is convenient for everyone because all you have to do is use your computer or your smartphone and you’re good to go shopping for your favorite dresses or even the groceries. But some people are still skeptical about security concerns during online shopping. Being skeptical about online shopping security is good to avoid getting scammed or getting your payment information stolen.   According to Ben Rossi from Information Age, 24% of online shoppers across the world will not proceed to the other stages of online purchase until they get an assurance of their information’s security Back then, consumers were thought to be very careless when purchasing online, but due to the study from Wordplay, this has been proven wrong.  

Security Savvy Consumers

Security concerns during online shopping are normal, especially that scams and identity theft have been rampant online. Usually, they look for websites that they can trust with all the E-commerce security that a website should have.


Some of them even use good VPNs to make sure that your data and your privacy are all protected while you are browsing and shopping online. VPNs can hide your IP address by using encryption, thus securing online traffic and protecting you from any surveillance.


Common Security Concerns During Online Shopping

Fake Online Stores

Cybercriminals are good at faking online stores so they can trick consumers into buying something that they don’t have. This will not only waste the consumer’s money but as well as reveal sensitive data. These online stores will imitate online retailers or even claim that they are working with them.

Encrypted Data

E-Commerce websites that don’t use SSL are a huge security risk because all the information that you share is not encrypted. This means that hackers can easily check and monitor the site and steal any of your information.

Identity Theft

Some people may not be aware of this but shopping online can sometimes mean that your identity can also be stolen. These cybercriminals will steal all of your valuable information, including your name, mobile number, physical address, and email address to auction off to people who would impersonate you or do other scams.


According to an Experian survey, there are 43% reports of being victimized by identity theft. Usually, this happens on fake websites or even legit websites that suffer a data breach.

Security Terminology To Look For In An E-Commerce Website

International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization or the ISO is the one that creates all the requirements to ensure that the businesses’ products and as well processes are fit for their purpose.


Having this kind of certification means that the business is equipped with high-quality standardized business practices, risk-aversion strategies, data security, management systems.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Also, the PCI DSS is responsible for ensuring that your credit card information will be transmitted and stored securely. This will ensure savvy consumers that their credit card information will be safe.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a new law that will protect the European Economic Area citizens’ information. But do note that this doesn’t only apply to the EU but as well as to e-Commerce sites that sell internationally. The site should comply with GDPR for them to be able to sell to the EU.


California Consumer Privacy Act

CCPA is here to protect everyone’s data. California residents need to comply with the CCPA by January 1, 2020. The rule with CCPA is similar to GDPR, wherein they aim to protect the private citizens’ data and privacy.


Currently, there are at least 15 states who have a similar law on personal privacy or data protection.

Safely Shop Online At North Sea Merchant

Weat North Sea Merchant make sure that our customers will be protected from anything, from breach to identity theft. We made sure to use state of the art security systems to make everyone feel at ease while browsing through our different products.


All your data are protected, so you can feel comfortable browsing and shopping through North Sea Merchant. When we say personal data it refers to data that can be linked to a specific person, usually through phone numbers, email addresses, and names.


But specific information can also identify a particular person, which means that information can be stolen. 

Transport Layer Security, Secure Sockets Layer, and HTTPS

North Sea Merchant uses SSL, since using SSL will help encrypt and authenticate links between computers. Once the commerce site has the SSL certificate, it can be moved from HTTP to HTTPS, which will give a signal to the consumers that the website is secure.

Network and Server Security

North Sea Merchant also utilizes other server-side protection and IP blocking, including handling DDoS and other diverse nature of vulnerability. We are aware of the current on-doing cyber attacks targeting Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies; and we have taken all the necessary precautions, i.e. Malware detection and anti-spam  filters.


When shopping online, it is only essential to make sure that you are browsing and shopping from a secured website. Online shopping has increased due to recent events, which means that scammers are on the loose as well. Make sure to watch out for security concerns during online shopping to avoid falling into their trap.


When shopping online, make sure that the website has every security measures mentioned above, just like North Sea Merchant.


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