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North Sea Merchant Privacy Policy




At North Sea Merchant, we always make sure to build and provide you with authentic and high-quality products. We built our company with trust, thus respecting our customers’ privacy rights is integral to us. On this page, we will be explaining how we are collecting and using all your information to serve you better.


You Control How We Use Your Information


As our customer, you have all the right to control all of your information on our website. Here are the ways on how you can do that:



  • Choose what email marketing you want to receive
  • You can object to the kinds of uses of your information
  • Opt-out to share your information with other parties no matter what the reason is
  • You can request for us to delete your information
  • You can review the information that you chose to share with use
  • Choose what cookies you want to use when shopping online



Some of the rights may vary depending on where you are located. But no matter what, we will always honor your privacy request even if your state or country doesn’t require us.


Kinds Of Information We Collect


The information that we collect from you is your demographic information, payment information, contact information, device information, and your shopping preferences.


All of this information is needed for us to be able to provide you with the services and the products that you request. We won’t be able to provide you what you need if you don’t provide the needed information.


How Are We Collecting this information


  1. We collect them using the information that you provide us while you’re signing up or making a purchase.
  2. We collect them while you are interacting with our websites and other services and products. Some of the information that we get from this is the MAC addresses and the IP addresses.
  3. We collect the information about you from third parties, including data analytics firms, and credit cards issuers.
  4. We collect the information from us after analyzing all the information that we collected about you, including your shopping preferences.


How We’re Using Your Information


As mentioned above, we need your information so we can provide you with the products and services that you require from us. For instance, if you purchase something from our website, we will need the data so we can ship the items to your address. Your information can also help us improve our website for your next visit.


Changes To Our Privacy Policy


We will continue posting updates about our privacy policy here. If we decide to change any of our policies that may impact your rights, we will be sending out notices.



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