Agora Bin – Set of 2


Made with Jute Yarn with the soft white and natural colorway. Goes perfectly with our Jute plant hanger, or alone. Each product is designed and curated by Korissa, sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.


Dimensions & More Details
Size: Approximately (L) 7”tall x 8”round / (S) 6”tall x6.5”round
Material: Jute
Color: Natural, white


Due to the handcrafted nature, slight variation will occur in design, color, and size.

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Estimated Delivery Date December 22, 2021 - December 27, 2021
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How to Care for This Item:
Dust or vacuum your basket on a regular basis, wiping with a damp cloth if necessary. Do not rub stains or spills from your basket as this may spread the stain and loosen the fibers. Be sure to dry properly after water damage. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight, or color can change and fade.

This classic jute yarn bin gets your living room a complete dress-up. The soft white and natural color looks good and works even better. Your living room will be completely transformed into its natural rustic look and feel.

● Classic and Comfortable Design
The bin is well-made. The round shape of the bin is designed for your most comfortable clutter-free behind your room. It is lightweight and is easy to transfer energy wherever you wanted it.

● Natural Jute Bin
Our product is 100% natural! Made of biodegradable jute material, it gives your living room a refreshing feeling and also environment-friendly, thereby, protecting the global environment. Giving a natural look to your room while also protecting our planet earth. The quality is the same as generic plastic bins but our jute bins are biodegradable, thus, making it a better alternative for the planet.

● Durable and Long-Lasting
A durable material, it retains its natural qualities even after numerous cleaning. It lasts longer that is why you can definitely save and enjoy this product.

● Lifetime Investment
Jute is the best! This is because jute is one of the cheapest and coolest fibers around. Our bin is well-made jute and is lightweight. It is the highest quality fiber-made bin and is preferred by most for professional-grade home decor.

● For Everyday Use
Aside from specialty laundry bins, you would love to use them as plant pot holders. Durable for daily use. Perfect for your homey look.

● Easy to Clean
The bin can be vacuumed or dusted regularly and wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. Make sure not to rub stains or spills at the basket as this may even more spread and loosen the fiber. Be sure to thoroughly dry the surface in order to protect the quality of the material. Do not put the bin directly into the sunlight for its natural color might change and fade.

● Eco-Friendly Material
We all want to care about the environment. Jute is produced from flowering plants and is one of the most affordable natural fibers, second only to cotton.

Product Specifications:

Made in Bangladesh
Sizes: (L) 7”tall x 8”round / (S) 6”tall x 6.5”round
Color: Natural, White
Material: Jute



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