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Surged In Online Shopping During Covid-19 Pandemic

According to a survey conducted, there are a total of 38.7 million shoppers placed for pickup or online delivery during the past 30 days. The previous high was at 75% in August, wherein the surge in online shopping was still due to Covid-19, this will continue to surge because the majority will still be inside their homes.


With this situation changing rapidly, people are not safe gathering in one place, whether it be at the gym, movie theaters, bars, and even restaurants. Even office workers are facing different challenges because some can’t work at home.


Due to the isolation that the majority is facing now, the surge in online shopping during Covid-19 is predicted to increase in the coming months. People’s behavior has changed overnight, especially when it comes to their shopping behavior. People had been buying in bulk and shopping online, and these are not surprising at all since we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Percentage of Online Shopping During Covid-19

A survey conducted by Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Association and UNCTAD shows that purchases online increased by almost 10%. Below are percentages of purchases made before the pandemic and during the pandemic.

Percentage of Online Shopping During Covid-19

Most Bought Online

Before the pandemic, people have been purchasing non-essentials every two months. Below are the percentage of purchases done before:


+6% – Cosmetics & Personal Care

+1% – Digital Entertainment

+2% – Fashion & Accessories

+9% – Pharmaceutical/Health

+4% – Media & Books

+10% – Electronic goods/ICT

+7% – Household products & Home furniture

+8% – Education & Online Courses

+9% – DIY, Gardening, & Tools


Online Shopping During the Pandemic

The average monthly spending for some shoppers has fallen, especially when it comes to larger expenditures. It seems like shoppers today are focusing on essential products. Both the travel and tourism sectors have seen the strongest decline. Below are the average online purchases per month since the pandemic:


-11% – Agro Food & Beverages

-23% – Pharmaceutical/Health

-27% – Media & Books

-28% – Digital Entertainment

-29% – Education & Online Courses

-32% – Cosmetics & Personal Care

-35% – Tools, Gardening, & DIY

-43% – Fashion & Accessories

-48% – ICT/Electronic Goods

-53% – Home Furniture & Household Products

-75% – Tourism/Travel (flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.)

Pros and Cons of Shopping Online During A Pandemic

Online shopping is very convenient and with the pandemic, it makes people safer while shopping in the comfort of their own homes. But just like anything else, online shopping has its pros and cons that you should know about. Below are the different pros and cons that you should be aware of:


Pros Of Online Shopping

  • Save on gas
  • Can shop online
  • No crowds and aggressive salespeople
  • Being able to check reviews before purchasing the products
  • No parking hassles
  • No waiting when checking out


Cons of Online Shopping

  • Not being able to check the item physically
  • Can’t negotiate payment terms
  • No point of contact
  • Refunding money can be challenging


Understanding Online Shopping and Pandemic

News spread across the globe about the pandemic, and people started hoarding bread, toilet paper, and other medical supplies. Some people tend to react differently during crises, or when people are facing dangerous situations. According to Paul Marsden, a University of the Arts London consumer psychologist, panic and online buying is understandable due to the three fundamental psychological needs. The needs are namely autonomy, relatedness, and competence. These factors are the same as retail therapy.
Understanding Online Shopping and Pandemic

Other factors that can contribute to online shopping and pandemic is the crowd mentality. People seeing other people buying necessities can make people do the same. This is because no one wants to be left behind especially in the middle of a pandemic.


Online Shipping During Covid-19

Covid-19 is infectious and while ordering online is a must compared to going to the groceries or mall, some are still wondering if it’s safe to order online and have them shipped to their addresses.


Based on experts, the virus has the power to live on certain surfaces for three hours or a maximum of three days. It is unlikely for the Covid-19 to survive on your items or the packaging itself, since your items will be received, packed, and delivered to you for at least three to five days upon ordering.


Shipping conditions are a tough environment for the virus to survive, which means that you can’t get exposed to the virus through the package itself. The risk of spreading from products or packaging during the shipment is low according to the CDC.



With the pandemic that’s been here with us for almost one year now, it’s not surprising that the majority is switching to online shopping. We at North Sea Merchant have almost everything that you need, from sustainable products for your home and the environment, to face masks to protect you and your family from the pandemic, North Sea has them all.


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