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Why Jute Is Considered The Golden Fiber

You’ve probably seen rusting looking for accessories, curtains, and even rustic looking bags. They have a coarse texture with a lattice-like weave. If you see these products, there’s a high probability that they are made out of jute.


Jute is a plant that has soft, shiny, and long fibers that can be spun into strong threads. They are the second most popular plant, next to cotton when it comes to production. It is also considered the golden fiber not only because of its color but as well as because of the cost-effectiveness.


Why Is Jute Considered As The Golden Fiber

Besides the reasons mentioned above, jute is considered the golden fiber is because it is sustainable, inexpensive, and strong. Jute can be fed by rain with little to no pesticides or fertilizers, while the fiber that they produce are 100% biodegradable.


Jute is popularly known as Hessian or Burlap, wherein the Hessian cloth is lighter fabrics that are made from jute. They are commonly used for bags and wall coverings, which is why they are often seen in home furnishing.


Another reason why jute is considered as the golden fiber is that it can give a natural element to every home decor. Some people may think that jute home decors can only be purchased in import stores, but due to its popularity, it’s becoming popular in most home furniture stores today.


Jute Furniture

Jute has the power to bring textured and natural feeling almost anywhere in your home. It has a coarsely woven and rough look, which can be paired with fluffy pillows and other smooth linens. Nowadays, a huge number of retailers are offering jute furniture, from bins, baskets, to plant hangers, and more.


There are also jute upholstery fabric products that are very durable and are made out of table runners, placemats, and rugs. They feature beautiful natural color, which ranges from golden brown to light tan, though the material can be dyed to your preferred hue


Production and Sustainability of Jute

Jute is known as the second most-produced vegetable fiber next to cotton. India has the largest production of jute, wherein every year, they are creating almost two million tons of fiber from jute.           


While jute was challenged by synthetic fibers, its popularity still reigns because its resources can easily be replenished. Since it’s biodegradable for up to 100%, jute is considered the most sustainable option when it comes to manufacturing.


Benefits of Using Jute Home Decors

Besides the fact that jute home decors can add great ambiance and beauty to your home, there are several things that jute can do, which will also help benefit you.


Reducing Pollution

Jute fabric is a great alternative because it can potentially stop the production of toxic waste. Jute bags can be a great substitute for plastic bags, which can prevent plastic pollution in the long run. Some countries are banning the use of plastic bags and hopefully, every single country will do the same, and use jute bags instead



Jute fiber is very versatile because the fabric can be made in different kinds of products and goods, from jute crafts, jute furniture, jute shopping bags, jute rugs, jute carpets, and jute bags. With the unlimited number of products that jute fabrics can do, it’s not surprising if it becomes the top material for furniture and home decors in the near future


Low Maintenance

Another benefit that you can get from using jute home decor is that they are very low maintenance. For instance, if you are going to get a jute rug, you don’t have to vacuum it now and then just to make it look tidy. Its natural coloring will help disguise and mask the dust or dirt that may collect for a few days.


When cleaning jute rugs, make sure to never wet shampoo or steam clean them, as this can cause damage.



Jute fabrics are very soft and if you’re going to choose home decors, such as pillowcases, and the like for your home, it’s ideal to choose jute. Touching jute will feel like you’re touching wool, which makes it more comfortable to touch, walk on, or even sit on. Other fabrics can be rough and may not be as comfortable as jute.


Provides Added Aesthetic

Jute is very unique and can add neutral and natural elegance to every room in your house. There are jute products that are undyed and woven, but there are also some that are dyed, yet they still look nice.

The imperfection that you might see in some jute home decor, including rugs and carpets are normal since it contributes to the overall elegance of the product



Jute home decors are perfect for your homes, whether you are adding some home decor or renovating your entire home. With the information above, you’re not only adding aesthetics to your home but as well as helping with the environment.


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